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    The Gear You Need Depends on Where You Scuba Dive

    Scuba diving equipment adapts you to the underwater world and makes you part of it. You do the diving, but your scuba gear makes it possible.

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    Start Diving today!

    Which PADI Scuba Certification Should You Take? Whether you’re seeking to experience your first breath underwater in the Open Water Diver course or the next specialty course to earn your Master Scuba Diver rating, you’ll find the perfect course right here.

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    Premium Expedition Dive Club Membership

    Expedition Dive Australia opens the door to the community by providing diving premiums to our members. Hurry and we are excited to have you on board. Join us on our FREE monthly dive and night dives with tons of premium items.

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    Scuba Review Special

    Add a second consecutive fun dive on your PADI Scuba Review Course for 50% off a normal dive price.

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  • Go Dive! Choose from a wide range of PADI scuba certification courses

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? If you want to find out, Expedition Dive will help you...

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  • sydneydiving

    Sydney offers world class diving that is unmatched by any major city!

    Recent studies show that Sydney has more marine species than any other harbour in the world!

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We offer PADI Courses

Learn to dive & get certified!

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Appreciate the beauty of Australia's shores...

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Guided Boat Dives
Know more about certified Australia diving sites from ship wrecks to another universe underwater

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    PADI Certification Courses

    Go Dive! Choose from a wide range of scuba certification courses...

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    Diving Sydney

    Discover some of the best diving, right in your own backyard (yes right here in Sydney)!

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    Our services is just a click away. Service booking is just easy as 1 2 3. Let your fingers do the diving!

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    Learn the facts about SCUBA diving and find out how easy it is to become PADI certified for SCUBA.