Boat Trips

sydney boat trips

Among Australia’s most famous spots is Sydney Harbour, which is a natural beautiful harbour that gives you the opportunity to view the city’s water scenery through Sydney boat trips. Home to the famous Sydney Opera House and crossed by the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world each year.

On any fair weather day, you will see the harbour as a vibrant blue color of sea water dotted with numerous ferries as well as sailing and cruise boats. If you wish to fully view the sights it offers, it’s most ideal to take a cruise whether day, sunset or night.

A favorite among locals and tourists alike is the Sydney boat cruise dinner, which allows you to dine and sip wine under a star studded sky aboard huge vessels for sightseeing, a square rigger or on smaller luxury cruisers. Among the beautiful sights to see are the city’s fantastic city lights and landmarks that also include Fort Denison and the historic Rocks area.

For locals wanting to have a short break for the weekend or tourists who want to have the trip of a lifetime, we suggest you try the 3 day cruise Sydney offers. The biggest thrill you’ll get from such a Sydney boat trip experience is seeing the breaktaking views that await you as soon as you depart from Sydney harbour. Bask in the magnificence of the city’s bright skyscrapers while you look forward to a holiday of entertainment and blissful comfort.

If you’re more of a nature and outdoor person though, you can try going on fishing boat trips in Sydney. The combination having your fishing gear and boat hire experience is sure to be lots of fun under the sun! If you happen to be experienced in fishing, traveling to evasive spots where the fish are “fast and furious” is sure to be one challenging adventure.

Fishing trips in Sydney come in different packages to cater to varied market tastes and budget. One thing they all have in common though is to give you the opportunity to catch the fish you’ve always dreamed about. You can plunge in for a game fishing trip all over the serene waters of Sydney Harbour or go on a deep sea tour to catch marine species like jewfish, yellowfin, marlin, kingfish, snapper and lots more.

Indeed, Sydney boat trips offer a fun-rich experience of discovery, entertainment and adventure. The memories you will have at such an encounter are sure to last a lifetime. So a word of advice to the wise: Make sure you don’t leave Sydney without having tried it!