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Bombo Wreck

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When the Bombo sank, a great deal of its cargo of blue metal dropped out of the holds and fell to the sea floor (remember the ship turned turtle). This pile of metal is now located about 50 metres to the east of the wreck. As the ship went down it ploughed into the sandy bottom bow first. This caused some damage to the bow area. Soon after, the bridge hit the bottom and then the great weight and momentum caused the ship's back to break and the Bombo buckled right across the hull almost in the middle of the ship. At the same time the weight squashed the bridge beyond identification. As she sank, some pieces fell and ended up on the sand next to the remains of the ship. This includes a hopper used to load coal/gravel and parts of the masts. Lying roughly north-south, the Bombo was now in water 32 metres deep and upside down almost in the middle of the shipping channel.

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HMAS Bombo provided yeoman service taking equipment and stores to the remote Anjo Peninsula in WA. These were used to help construct Truscott Airfield which was started in late January 1944 and opened in May 1944. This is about 230 km in a straight line north-west of Wyndham Western Australia. This supports that she was removed from the Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart run in November 1943 and left Sydney in February 1944. Ken Kable (86 years old in 2012) told me that ht crewed on the ship when they were building Truscott. He said that they ran aground many times when up inlets in this area due to the big tides. He also said that the ship always had a list to port. The ship also was not real stable due to its flat bottom.

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