Regulator Set Package 2


Package Includes:
1. Pisces-y (yoke) (balanced 1st stage)
2. Apollo-A (adjustable 2nd stage in chrome, blue or pink)
3.Vega-A (adjustable) occy

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Product Description

Item No.  :  RG-1002YOKE-ICE-CE
Item name  :  First Stage Regulator
Specification  :  Pneumatically Balanced Diaphragm First Stage Regulator
This first stage regulator provides both the recreational diver and technical diver with an outstanding performing regulator and great value. It has a swivel low pressure turret that reduces the regulator pull in the mouth when turning your head side to side. Environmentally sealed providing a stable intermediate pressure regardless of diving conditions.

Chrome plated brass body
With low pressure turret swivel
Ventilation rate (air supply/3000PSI):135SCFM
Intermediate pressure:125-160PSI
High pressure port: (7/16-20) x 2
Low pressure port: (3/8-24) x 4
Environmentally sealed, ready for cold water diving
With CE approval (CE 1463 EN250)


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