The Leap

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Sydney Marine Life - The Leap - Weedy Sea Dragon
This dive is a semi-drift dive, with challenging entry/exit and thus recommended only for experienced and/or advanced divers.  [1 dive only available at this location] There are numerous nudibranches on and amongst the sponges and the rocks are also home to numerous other species of animal, including giant jelly, magnificent and blue throated ascidians, lace coral, sea fans, tube worms and sea squirts. The sea dragons can be seen right up to about the 12 metre level. You should look carefully for they can easily be mistaken for pieces of kelp. They can often be found in the small “bays” of sand on the reef edge. These fragile looking fish move around ever so slowly. In the late winter and early spring period look close and you might see a “pregnant” male sea dragons.  There are many sea horses that had fairly poor visibility and is almost carrying eggs.
  • *Single dives take 2-3 hours in total inclusive of brief, gear up, dive and de-gear.
    *Each dive last 40 min to 1 hour of underwater time per air consumption.
    *All dives guided by an experienced, fun n' friendly dive master/ instructor.
    *Free pick ups/drop offs available at closest train station point to dive site or all locations accessible by bus / car within 30 minute drive from Sydney centre.
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Dive Type: Shore Dive | Experience: Advanced

As soon as you enter the water, swim as quick as you can about 20 to 30 metres out away from the platform to get away from the swell that may smash you back into the rock platform. Descend here once all your group is gathered together. The depth here is 10 metres or so. The normal way to start this dive is by going to the north-east until you reach the sand edge of the reef. Once you reach this spot, turn to the left and follow the edge for as long as you want to. The depth is 21 to 22 metres and there are numerous small rocks, some connected to the reef and some like little islands.

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  • Elevated Entry point
  • Steep, sometime slippery descent