About Us

Providing the finest scuba dive training in Sydney and beyond! Expedition Dive was founded on the principles of service, integrity, expertise, and sharing, all in which are delivered every day through our quality diver education programs.

Let our World-wide experienced diving instructors teach and guide your diving adventures. We cater to new divers to experienced ones and everything in between. Already certified? Guided boat/shore dives available with gear are available and we cater to the individual as well as package deals for larger groups. Discover some of the best diving, right in your own backyard!

In Expedition Dive, our offices continue to experience tremendous growth month after month, year after year providing scuba dive training in Sydney. Such exponential growth is only possible through divers like you! We appreciate your business and strive to provide excellent customer service to each and every customer. Join us on one of our dive trips and we look forward to sharing the awesome wonders of the underwater world with you!

  1. To explore the underwater world; always embarking on new adventures under the sea, to go where no diver has gone before.
  2. To promote safe diving practices & incorporate new dive technologies consistently.
  3. To teach to a high quality standard the skills and techniques of Scuba Diving.
  4. To share scuba experiences & recommendations as dive educators.
  5. To actively conserve our oceans now & in the future through leading underwater clean ups.
  6. To promote sustainable ocean involvement practices through education.
  7. To create long lasting, fun and exciting environments for people to learn & enjoy the underwater world in.
  8. To build long lasting business relationships with our customers and suppliers to provide the best diving has to offer, consistently.


Founder and Director of Expedition Dive, Jason Bettinger is a certified PADI – MSDT “Master Scuba Dive Trainer” and has trained thousands of divers through providing scuba diving courses in Sydney. He has traveled to more than 35 countries around the globe while experiencing some of the world’s best diving travel destinations. It’s no wonder that in recent years he has made Australia - a world class diving destination - his home. He quotes “Under the ocean, is earth’s last frontier. Nobody owns it except nature herself. It is the last place in the world that is truly peaceful, natural and free. The good news is over 70% of it is water and most of the species on this earth are found under the sea so to experience it and do it often is really about living life to the fullest!"

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 10.53.34 PMTri-lingual and teaching diving in three different languages: English, Korean & Japanese, Jack Min brings his international experience to Expedition Dive.

After leaving his home country Korea to live and work in other countries for several years, he’s been in the water since 2004 & has taught Scuba in many parts of South East Asia including Phillippines, Korea, Malaysia, Perth & now providing scuba diving lessons in Sydney. He holds CPR & Diver First aid qualifications and is a PADI Scuba Instructor. His love of the sea is apparent, as you’ll always catch him talking about diving on a daily basis. Such a passion is why he joined Expedition Dive in 2011 to share his diving expertise with fellow colleagues and customers a-like.

Jack has swam with the whales at Tonga, beautiful marine life across Malaysia and wreck diving in several parts of the world.

Now teaching all levels of courses here in Sydney, he is also a Dive Leader on Expedition Dive’s quarterly international dive trips. His versatility in many different languages coupled with course material written in those languages means that more people can get involved in diving – even if they don’t speak 100% English.