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Bass and Flinders

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Located at the end of the Cronulla Peninsula on the southern outskirts of Sydney, Bass and Flinders used to be a very popular dive location, especially for learners and novice divers. However, since the Sutherland Shire Council closed off the road that leads down to the dive site, nowhere as many divers visit this site as used to in the early 1990s.

From Cronulla head south till you find Gowie Street, South Cronulla. Park as close as you can to the southern end of the street.

After gearing up, head down the remains of the road to the west (this is where the old road used to run down right to the dive site). The entry spot is to the left as you come to the end of the road. This is one of the easiest dive entry and exit spots that you will ever encounter. Enter the water and once all are in, descend and then head to the east.

On this dive look for flathead, blue swimmer crabs, striped dumpling squid, sole, cuttlefish, blue swimmer crabs, and other species.

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Take care when ascending when past Bass & Flinders point buoy, boat traffic can be heavy.
Fishing lines and Fishermen.

Dive Type: Shore Dive | Experience: All Levels

The reef here runs to the east from the entry spot. From the shore, the reef drops quickly to the sand and there is little reef underwater. This means that there is little reef from the shore to the sand. In most circumstances, this would mean that there is little to see. From where you enter the water, head to the east and you will follow a reef edge that is fairly shallow, perhaps 3 or 4 metres maximum. The reef all along this section only runs a few metres away from the rock platform. Continue in an easterly direction. As I advised above, the reef all along this section of coastline does not drop to more than about five or sixs metres. After about 30 metres you will see the remains of a car. This is a Ford vehicle, of about the mid-1980s vintage (used to be able to see the model from the boot and the type of wheels). Anyway, keep heading east. The reef after this heads a bit to the north-east and then even a bit to the north. Once you have been in the water for 40% of your air or for 30 minutes, turn around and head back to the entry point. On this dive look for flathead, blue swimmer crabs, striped dumpling squid, sole, cuttlefish, blue swimmer crabs, and other species.


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