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Cape Solander

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Cape Solander provides a good vantage site to view Humpback whales on their annual migration from Antarctica to the warmer waters of Australia’s east coast to the north. During this migration the whales keep close to the coastline to avoid the southerly moving East Australian Current. The northerly migration begins in May and ends around the end of July each year. For the journey back to Antarctica the Humpback whales swim further out to sea along with the East Australian Current and cannot be seen from land. Cape Solander is a natural area. Cliffs, strong winds, uneven surfaces and slippery surfaces can be harmful.  Apart from the depth, conditions at the entry/exit points can sour quickly, with a very narrow window of time with which to get out at the best of times.

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Only dive when flat-high level of potential danger with entry/exit

Dive Type: Shore Dive | Experience: Advanced

Cape Solander is considered the deepest shore dive in Sydney, visibility of up to 30 metres boast world class when conditions are favourable. Found at the end of a dirt road that peels off to the left of the Kurnell National Park road about 200 metres past the Leap parking lot, Cape Solander is strictly for Advanced divers only.


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