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Foggies Cave

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One of the few sections of the New South Wales coast that I have not dived in any great detail is the Central Coast area. Over the past 10 years I have often thought about diving the area from Broken Bay (the northern boundary of the Sydney Metropolitan Area) north. Despite this, the closest I have ever gotten was to dive Maitland Bay (home to the wreck of paddle steamer PS Maitland) where I did what was, perhaps, one of the most boring dives I have ever done. Until early October 1997 I had done no other dives on the Central Coast.

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At the cave, the reef drops from about 32 metres to 36 metres at the edge and then goes in a straight drop to 39 metres. The floor here is a sandy bottom interspersed with large rocks and boulders. The wall is quite shear and in fact overhangs to form a wave-like structure. The main wall here runs south to north and then turns to run west to east. Foggy Cave itself is in the corner where the wall changes direction.

After examining the cave, we followed the overhanging wall to the south. There are more gorgonias, some especially colourful (red, green, yellow, mauve etc) on the wall and ceiling. The sponge life along here is also excellent, very prolific and colourful. The reef runs for 30 metres before turning to the west. There are some larger “bommies” out off the main reef and these are also quite interesting. Along the edge there are many nooks and crannies, sometimes home to fish like eastern blue devils. There are luderick and red morwong on and above the rocks and many large black reef leatherjackets hugging the wall.


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