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Power 5mm Neoprene/suer Stretchy Semi-dry Fullsuit

Specification :
‧5mm Neoprene/super Stretchy Semi-dry Fullsuit, Man
‧5mm Nylon/Nylon chest/arm/back/abdomen/hip
‧Super stretchy side torso/back waist/back knee to provide flexibility and comfort.
‧Adjustable neck to provide better comfort
‧PK S-Lock back zipper with semi-dry construction to guarantee minimum water infiltration and decidedly superior thermal quality

‧Glide Skin Seal at the wrists and ankles
‧Ankle with 2 zippers and gussets to help when putting on and taking off.
‧Printed shoulder pads to grip BCD resistance
‧Glued and double blind-stitched seams to reinforce strength and greater waterproof
‧Integrated Liquid- rubber kneepads for greater durability
‧Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL

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