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This is a site that (really) no-one dives. As some residents of the Sutherland Shire may probably know, one of the better surfing sites in the Cronulla area is called Voodoo. This is located east of Boat Harbour at Kurnell, right next to the Cronulla Sewage Treatment Works outlet (until the early 2000s, this deposited virtually untreated wastes right off the rock platform). Until that time, you could only surf this location in westerly or southerly winds/seas and definitely not in north-easterly and easterly winds. The sewage is now treated to tertiary level so it is now no problem to dive here at all times and very clean (subject to seas).

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Only dive when flat-high level of potential danger with entry/exit

Dive Type: Shore Dive | Experience: Advanced

The sponge life is excellent with very nice sea whips, gorgonias and sea squirts. The fishlife is also usually very good, generally a lot of silver sweep, one-spot pullers and yellowtail. You will also see many black reef leatherjackets and some six-spined leatherjackets all along the reef. You may also see eastern blue devilfish under some of the overhangs and on the sand, angelsharks, serpent eels, and Port Jackson sharks (in winter). Visibility is normally very good, with in excess of 20 metres on all recent dives. There can sometimes be a slight to moderate current on the bottom, normally running to the west, but it is never a real problem.All in all, an excellent dive for the more experienced diver.


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